40ft Catamaran Sailboat Cruise, Angra dos Reis

Capacity : 6 Guests (3 double Cabins ensuite) + 3 crew
Location : Angra dos Reis | Rio de Janeiro | Brazil
Price : On Request


The oldest, and perhaps best way to explore the world, is by boat. Powered by wind and currents, a sailboat will glide you along at a steady, relaxed pace. An exciting marine adventure will start as soon as we leave the deck.

The Skippers of our vessels are certified Captains, licensed to navigate in any part of the world. They have more than 80,000 miles of experience in the Caribbean, Tahiti, Europe, and along the Brazilian Coast. 

You’ll learn about local culture as you sail. We will teach you a bit about sailing and  the stars . You will learn about local biodiversity without even realizing it. You will learn about yourself and most of all, you will reconnect with the beautiful side of life. No matter which expedition you choose, we are certain that you’ll enjoy spending some time aboard our well-equipped boats.

We customize any expedition regarding dates, length, destinations, themes. You can enjoy honeymoons, corporate training, family trips, wellness packages, fitness packages, everything is possible

Suggested 4 Night/ 5 day Cruise Itinerary

  • Beneteau 52ft Catamaran sailboat
  • Capacity 6 guests + Boat Crew (captain, chef and hostess*)
  • Cruising location: Angra dos Reis and Paraty
  • Boarding: Marina Verolme, Angra dos Reis
  • Landing: Marina Verolme – Angra dos Reis.

* The Crew are trained in safety procedures and compliance with international standards.


It is important to note, a sailboat’s cruise itinerary, is always weather condition dependent, and when deciding choice of routes, the safety of participants is always the priority.

The experience goal is for total immersion in all that the sea and a lifestyle coastal offer us.

The decor and music of the boat will be vessel harmonized with different times on board, reflecting the charm and Rio style.

The food on board vessels is provided by the chef in a Brazilian Mediterranean style, with organic and fresh products. The drink options are also served in amounts so there are no setback risks caused by excessive drinks in a sailboat.

There will be basic menu options and the same can be added special items if the customer prefers.

Suggested Itinerary 

Day 1

The boat will leave the 14pm Marina Verolme in Angra dos Reis at 14.00, and sail towards the Ilha Grande. Whilst making the crossing, guests will have the opportunity to participate in the manoeuvres of the boat, and learn about lights, winds and currents from the skipper and crew. Hopefully, we can find dolphins and seabirds while crossing.

The overnight stay will take place in  Saco do Céu in Ilha Grande.  Saco do Céu has the same form of a
bag with a small mouth facing the Cove of the Stars. It is a rich ecological sanctuary in biodiversity. The sea is as calm as a lake and the starry sky nights you can see the stars reflected on the water surface – hence the name.

Day 2

The breakfast will be served at 7: 30hrs, and then will sail to Palmas cove where we start the trail to Lopes Mendes, one of the most beautiful beaches of Brazil, located in Ocean coast, facing south, with approximately 3 km of white sand. It is a beach of little depth and water clarity is impressive, as is his varying shades. Customers can go surfing, stand up paddle, snorkel and meditation.

Boards will be available to identify the species of local fish and our guides will help to identify them.

We return to the boat 13: 00hrs and appetizers will be served made by the chef.  

At 14:00 hrs, we begin the journey to Saco do Mamanguá bag, Paraty. While cruising there will be a guided meditation for those who want, and information about the local biodiversity, and on the specific species that may be found in the region.

The arrival in Saco do Mamanguá bag is expected to 17hrs.

After we get, it is served ‘almojanta’ (mixture of lunch & dinner)

Day 3

The breakfast will be served at 7: 30hrs, and then will perform the trail to the waterfall Caijaiba. A waterfall with crystalline waters and infinity, where a meditation will be held for those interested. At 11hrs return to the boat and guests will have free time to relax, stand up paddle and snorkel, as exemplified appetizers prepared by
chef, as well as visit the city of Paraty.

The Saco do Mamanguá is the only tropical fjord the Brazilian coast, a green sea entry that extends for 8 km until ending in the best preserved mangrove of the Bay of Ilha Grande. To further enrich this scenario, there is a chain of mountains with Atlantic Forest vegetation and a traditional community caiçaras that still retains its lifestyle.

For being an arm of the sea, Saco do Mamanguá is protected from ocean currents and large swells, having a water temperature higher than the other regions. These characteristics, combined with the fact that there is a mangrove swamp in your background makes the Mamanguá a natural nursery fish and shellfish. Saco do Mamanguá also allows a range of different activities, a real playground.

Day 4

The breakfast will be served at 7: 30hrs, and then begin the return journey to Ilha Grande, towards the Sítio Forte . The area has very strong Inlet beaches inviting with greenish, transparent, warm, calm waters. It is remarkable the great imposing rock that inspired the name of the site.

The arrival at Sítio Forte  is scheduled for 12hrs. If customers are interested, they may be organized scuba dives with cylinder for a fee.

5th day

The breakfast will be served the 7: 00hrs and then we will sail towards the Marina Verolme, Angra dos Reis.

Check out will be the 09.00hrs.

Base Menu of Options


Breads, cakes, couscous, fruit, yogurt, juices, tapioca and cheese


  • Bruschettas mushrooms
  • Traditional Bruschettas
  • Caponata
  • Ceviche
  • Crostine Parma
  • Guacamole and corn tortillas
  • Mix of dried fruits and nuts
  • Tuna Pasta
  • Seafood Vinaigrette
  • Wrap salmon, cream cheese and dill
  • Caprese skewers with balsamic


  • Salads
  • Salad mix sprouts with lemon citronete
  • Salad of tomatoes with red onion and balsamic vinegar perfume
  • Fettuccine salad pupunha the basil pesto
  • Salad of carrots, raisins, cashew nuts and orange juice
  • Main dishes
  • Seafood risotto
  • Bobo shrimp, white rice and farofa palm
  • Linguine with sauce of fresh tomatoes, basil and crisps Parma
  • Fish with lemon sauce cloves and raisins rice with cashew nuts
  • Moroccan Couscous the scent of spices and fish brochette
  • Sicilian lemon risotto and grilled salmon
  • Fish stew, white rice and mush
  • Shrimp with gruyere and rice tarsus
  • Grilled fish to the Galician lemon sauce and sweet potato puree
  • Octopus rice with broccoli
  • Grilled fish in herb butter with lemon zest and mashed plantain
  • Fish to the sauce of butter, mushrooms, lemon and almond rice
  • Fish in the crust of rustic herbs and potatoes
  • Dessert
  • Fruits
  • Apple Crumble
  • Italian Straw
  • Guava with cheese
  • Ambrosia with cheese


The offer includes 5 days of boat with experienced crew, food and activities including the islands, as shown in itineary.

The prices are in Reais and already include fees, taxes, insurance necessary to perform the services.


To book you must:

Pay 50% deposit within 60 days before departure date

Final payment must be made within 30 days before departure. Your reservation may be canceled if full payment is not made within 30 days before departure.


The itineraries and the team described herein are subject to change and adjustments. Customers should be prepared to flexibility due to weather changes, events cultural or other logistical decisions that Immerse deems necessary.


All clients must produce a medical insurance certificate. Each customer will be responsible for any medical expenses that should be covered by your insurance for medical treatment, accident and emergency transportation.

The Cruise operator is not responsible for expenses incurred for medical reasons


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