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If the relocating assignee has school aged children, the choice of school is critical to all family decisions, and will influence the whole family’s perception of their new location. Getting the schooling right will expedite the relocation process and positively impact your assignee’s performance in the workplace and at home.

MAN IN RIO provides a school search programme which takes in to account existing and future education plans, using school search professionals with detailed knowledge and experience of the local schooling systems in Rio.

How our School Search service works:

  • We make initial contact with the family, discuss requirements and advise on the most suitable options for the children
  • We contact the schools and request brochures which are sent to assignee
  • We make appointments to view the schools assignee selects
  • We accompany assignee to the schools to look around and meet the staff
  • We help assignee to fill in the application forms and arrange for the paperwork to be processed
  • We liaise with assignee children’s current school if they are required to take an entrance test before they arrive in the Rio
  • We support assignee through the whole process until the children have started school

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