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Prior to Arrival

About one month in advance of the actual start of the assignment, we advise companies and individuals to arrange an ‘Look and See’ orientation trip. This one week trip allows the expatriate to gain an insight into Rio. During this trip, the MAN IN RIO’s team will familiarize the assignee with Rio, by touring short-listed apartments or houses, visiting schools and various areas and points of interests.

To make the most of this trip, it is essential to prior to arriving to make a thorough ‘expatriate needs analysis’ to establish what is required according to the company policy, as well as the assignee’s needs and interests. During this visit, the assignee is given an introduction to living and working in Rio, and a guided orientation based on specific requests.

A ‘Welcome Package’ with maps and other useful information is provided.

On Arrival

If you have already arrived in Rio, and would like to familirise yourself with the ‘need to know’ places in Rio, MAN IN RIO’s seasoned team of Rio expats will help you familiarize yourself with Rio’s key locations and suppliers. Partly standard and partly tailor-made, our Rio orientation tour program includes a home, or hotel, visit and consultation, to assess your needs and interests, followed by a guided Rio orientation tour.

On request, we may incorporate viewing of housing, as well as visits to schools and kindergartens into the tour.

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