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MAN IN RIO Security operates in partnership with an expat-operated risk management and security consulting services provider, that has had a footprint in Brazil since 2011.

Our client base is widely varied, ranging from international CEOs, high-net-worth individuals, famous entertainers & celebrities, news correspondents, athletes to even other larger international risk management companies. 

Our expertise is in providing consulting services specialized in the Brazilian environment, constantly looking to meet the high standards and demands of a global clientele. We do this by “Brazilianizing” Western standard practices and working closely with Brazilian police and military authorities to ensure appropriate support and continuity during our clients’ time in Brazil.

Our style of work consists of providing low profile VIP consulting, avoiding intrusive and inconvenient procedures commonly practiced by the personal security of celebrities and other high profile individuals.

In order to meet our strict standards, we look at building up our teams with personnel from both current and former members of various Brazilian Special Forces units such as GARRA, GATE, BOPE and the Civil Police’s diplomatic protection service; supplementing these with highly trained and experienced expat consultants.

Our aim is to utilize their exceptional training and experience in providing support for our clients under high-stress situations. As such, we ensure that they intimately understand the importance of working in a discreet manner especially in highly-populated events where the preservation of client image and company branding are to be
considered as important as personal security.

Risk Management & Security services offered across Brazil are:


We provide consultancy from the planning stage, through implementation to the completion of the task. Our consultants are trained to assist with resourcing, budgeting, security assessments and executive profiling to determine the necessary security requirements.


Depending on the size and depth of the event, a field manager may be required to facilitate all aspects of the security plan. Our management services consist of conducting and closely coordinating the security operation.


Our dedicated consultants bring a blend of real-world experience and technical aptitude to every project. We assess the client’s physical and logical environment using a customized approach in the context of the client’s overall risk management strategy. For organizations intending on bringing their brand to Brazil for both short and long term periods, we provide customized venue/site assessments, route surveys as well as mapping and liaising with police and medical services in areas relevant to the client.


The foundation of our VIP protection services is based on the results of the services in combination with real time information, solid, long term relations with local authorities and highly trained and experienced professionals. Our operational stance is that good work is not often seen, but constantly present.

With the global focus currently on Brazil, it is becoming more apparent that it is not yet prepared to meet the security needs and demands expected from the international community. Our objective is to help to facilitate a safe and secure operational environment for clients visiting and doing business in Brazil, and to ensure positive results with minimal intrusiveness.

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