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Dine in Rio’s best restaurants, and taste Brazil’s multi-cultural history reflected in it’s varied cuisine, catering to all tastes. From trendy and place to be restaurants, to sophisticated and heritage restaurants, we have hand-picked the best selection of Rio restaurants to dine in. Uncover and experience Rio through its delicious cuisine.

For advice and table reservations please email or call 00 55 (21) 8527 9245


If every city has a soul, Rio’s soul is found in it’s botecos. Every Carioca has their favorite boteco where you can enjoy simple eating and casual meeting. All of them are souls and patrons of the city, which help build the Carioca lifestyle that makes Rio one of the most bohemian in the world.  Whatever your style, taste and budget, from the street corner in Zona Sul to a Pe-Sujo in a favela, MAN IN RIO will guide you to boteco of your choice.

For advice please email or call 00 55 (21) 8527 9245


Rio has a wide variety of cafes and patisseries, offering coffee and tasty snacks to afternoon delights. From your local neighborhood cafe specialising in coffee, to cafes celebrating Brazil’s cultural and natural heritage, you will be sure to find and enjoy a cafe for whatever the occasion, whether its simply catch uping with old friends, having a meeting or watching the Rio world go by.

For advice please email or call 00 55 (21) 8527 9245


As the home of some of the rarest tropical fruits, Brazil offers some of the most unique juices in the world. With juices ranging from the increasingly popular açai to lesser known juices like cupuaçu, the variety of fruit drinks and flavors is endless. Hence you would not come to Rio without having tasted the best, freshly blended juices. MAN IN RIO recommendation is endless.

For advice please email or call 00 55 (21) 8527 9245


Don’t you sometimes wish that you had your own chef? Someone who could prepare a sumptuous meal to your personal specification, even just for one day? MAN IN RIO’s Personal Chef & Home Catering Service will provide with you a tailor-made unique dining experience in the comfort of your own home. We will discuss and agree a menu with you, shop, cook and clean up the kitchen at the end of the evening, giving you and your guests an unforgettable dining experience in the mean time.


For more details and booking please email or call 00 55 (21) 8527 9245

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