Extreme Sailing Series showdown in Rio

Extreme 40s will be heading into the final battle of 2012 in the spectacular city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – read more 

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Infused with a new-found optimism, Rio de Janeiro is sambaing its way into the hearts of investors and travellers alike, as this hip, happening city takes centre stage as a new hotbed of opportunity –

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Foreigners working in Brazil grows 24% in first half

The issuance of work visas for foreigners in Brazil rose 24% in the preceding quarter in relation to the passing years, benefiting 32,913 people of other nationalities – from January to June 2011 were 26,545 permissions, according to the Ministry of Labour and Employment. So a total of 29,065 Temporary concessions are already surpass the .. read more

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A night of live music and samba dancing in Flamengo old town

The taxi from Ipanema to Flamengo was ‘muito rapido’ and  entetaining, albeit slightly disconcerting, given Eric Clapton’s Hyde Park concert being played on the taxi’s radio DVD, reminding me of good ole blighty and London in the summer. Last Saturday night, I and a close group of Carioca friends, enjoyed a wonderful evening at the .. read more

The Rio property market is on a roll

With all eyes on Brazil’s most famous city as it prepares to host the World Cup and Olympics, ambitious property developers are bringing back a benchmark of luxury not seen for decades – to read more about The Rio Deal – FT How to Spend it Magazine  

The Rio de Janeiro real estate market is soaring

By Nathan M. Walters, Contributing Reporter RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The Rio real estate market is soaring, fueled by a booming domestic economy, increased tourism, world sporting events and oil fever. Property values in Zona Sul (South Zone) have increased in value at incredible rates, and many predict the trend to continue, bringing more investors .. read more

Oil drives demand for relocation and real estate in Rio de Janeiro

With the recent oil rush in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro has emerged as one of the most sought after destinations for corporate relocation. However, relocation in any case always involves lots of time, energy and money in finalizing a suitable apartment alone. The demand for rental apartments and corporate relocation agencies in Rio is soaring .. read more

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